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Family Members

Dave Gillam

Dave is Group Scout Leader (GSL) at Ringwood Scout Group, and as such is regularly to be found at Scout section, having previously been Scout Leader for ten years, which explains why he's still known as "Skip". Dave also helps out at Beavers and Cubs as needed.

Twice a year, Dave sets up a Naturalist Camp for a dozen local Scouts at Harry's Island. Recently, he set up a letter boxing course in that area too, and helps considerably with all Group camps and events, and also many District events.

Ann Gillam

Ann is Section Assistant at Cubs, where she is known as Bagheera, but also helps with admin duties at Beavers and Scouts and is Assistant Treasurer and Hall Bookings Secretary.

Benjie Gillam

Benjie graduated with a first in Maths with Physics from Southampton University in 2007, and since then has been working on many startups and a web consultancy Brain Bakery Ltd with his business partner Jof Arnold. He lives in Southampton with his wife, Jem, and their two happy children: Xander and Zack. For more information on Benjie, visit his website or follow @benjie on Twitter.

Scott Gillam

Scott graduated from MORSE (Mathematics, Operational Research, Statistics and Economics) at Warwick in 2009. After beginning his career in risk analysis of uranium enrichment for nuclear power, Scott began a career in finance. He is currently living in London, where he is an Associate of a private equity firm. He specialises in investing in companies focussed on water-related technologies across infrastructure, treatment and even robotics.

Jem Gillam

Jem Gillam (neé Sturgeon) graduated Southampton University in 2008 with a BSc in Biochemistry; then earned a PGCE in Secondary School Chemistry. During this time she reinvigorated and ultimately became Beaver Scout Leader (BSL) at 29th Southampton Immaculata Scout Group. She married Benjie in August 2008, and they live together with their two children in Southampton. She blogs at and is @jemgillam on Twitter.

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